Individual S9 project to write a scientific article based on the S8 research project or the state of the art on a given mechatronical system

ntellectual property: definitions, rights and obligations
French, European and international organisms
Software protection: software licenses, collaborative works
Principles of labor law (in the context of research, research and development in Europe)
Contract and contractual liability
Work on examples of research contracts (French, European, private), comparison between a few countries

Introduction to Ethics, issues studied through the analysis of exemplary cases consequences of new technologies on citizens’ private life: risks of the internet of things, use of personal data

Reviews and conferences / best practices for writing a scientific publication / how to submit a communication / private/public access / open access - Patents = What is a patent / patent structure / registering organization / process of application

Plagiarism definition, corresponding risks, legal consequences, plagiarism detection tools, protection against plagiarism