The aim of this course is to present what is called Full Stack JS in two parts:
  1. Back-end development with Node.js, Express and MongoDB
  2. Front-end development with Angular 2 and Ionic 2
On server side, we develop with the Node.js server and Express, and data will be stored into a MongoDB database. The client side is provided into three different versions. In the first version, the Node.js version will generate HTML pages through EJS template engine. In the second version, the client side is responsible to create the web page via Angular 2, following the Single Page Application approach. Finally, in the last version, we will develop a mobile version with Ionic 2.


 The aim of this course is to acquire the fundamentals and the analytical and methodological keys related to technical, economical, legal, ethical and political stakes in the data governance and of its usages, as well as to the wide range of involved public and private interests. The National, European and Global contexts will be introduced and analyzed. to understand how who sets norms, rules, and protocols for data processing, how and for which objectives, and how its technical, legal, political, economical and social norms implemented, articulated and enforced. In particular, we will emphasize on issues of privacy and trust as well as the economy of data